A Message From SickKids

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SickKids is a grateful to the Browns for their leadership and support by initiating a unique project through a generous gift from the Lisa Brown Chartable Foundation. It is their hope that intervention through early childhood mental and emotional health education will decrease the incidence of suicide. Dan and Fran Brown have dedicated their efforts to erase the stigma surrounding emotional health challenges to ensure that as children mature, they will not be ashamed to seek the support of family, teachers and medical professionals should they need help.

We are pleased to be working with the Lisa Brown Charitable Foundation on the web-based interactive story, ‘Monarch’s Mission’. This project combines the clinical expertise of SickKids with the passion of the Browns. Young children will participate in the video game to help them identify their emotions in a fun way and learn to feel comfortable expressing and not suppressing their emotions, specifically sadness, fear and anger.

A Message From McMaster Children's Hospital

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The McMaster Children’s Hospital has completed a landmark study in Canada indicating that one in five children struggles with some form of mental health challenge. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that low self-esteem is closely related to a child’s feelings of hopelessness, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Through our project, "The Canadian Family Check-Up" we are addressing childresn's behavioural problems in order to strengthen their resilience and self esteem. This study confirms our conviction; Healthy Minds Form In Childhood.

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